Print Newsletters

Print Newsletters for Law Firms

3 or 4 panel cards can be used by law firms and businesses to easily and inexpensively send print newsletters by U.S. mail to your entire client list.  The cost is only $0.93 per newsletter for 3 panel cards or $1.24 per newsletter for 4 panel cards, including your law firm logo, plus first-class postage.

Newsletters are mailed by US mail through an automatic online mailing system which can be used for mass mailing your entire client list or to mail one at a time.

Example of a 3 panel horizontal newsletter with the 1-800-HURT-911 logo (3 panel vertical newsletters are also available at the same price).  The blank billboard 300 dpi image to apply your own logo is available for free when you open an account and enter User ID 118373